An exploration of hope and humanity.

Dates: Tuesday 18th – Saturday 29th September 2018

Times: Early 7pm (Tue-Sat)

Late 9pm (Fri-Sat)

Tickets: Full Price: $35  

Conc: $30
Group (6+): $25

Venue: Collingwood Underground Carpark

44 Harmsworth Street, Collingwood


Cyprus Pod has been home to a small community of survivors for 15 long years, what will they do when they are asked to house 8 more newcomers? Will families fracture?

Never Ending Night is an immersive theatre production that has been created for the Melbourne Fringe 2018.

As an immersive production the audience has the opportunity to decide on their journey through the show, follow one character or move throughout the space to explore what is happening in the other areas of our bunker home in the Collingwood Underground Carpark.


In London in 2014, Libby Brockman teamed up with Andy Richardson & Bonnie Adair. They found a poem, “The Invitation”, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. That, coupled with the Ebola scare at the time sparked the original concept of Never Ending Night.

Now, with the current and ongoing refugee crisis and general chaos around the world, Libby thought it was time to rework the show. Keeping the original inspiration, this time she recruited three Melbourne writers – Bridgette Burton, Amelia Newman & Keith Gow – to explore the depth of our humanity and hope.

With three writers creating a rich world of diverse characters living under ground, we knew that the show required a director experienced in script development, immersive theatre and working with large ensemble casts. We approached director Renee Palmer and she’s been working with the writers and the massive cast to bring Libby’s concept to life.


Renee has spent the last few months casting and rehearsing with our 13 cast members; Alexander Ryden (Bells), Alex Radovan (Armand), Hissell Bermudez (Pats), Irene Parker (Monika), Jacob Foshi (Ben), Melanie Audrey (Louisa), Libby Brockman (Litza), Mohan Lakshmipathy (Erik), Phoebe Taylor (Christine), Robert van Mackelenberg (Marty), Rosa Nix (Beth), & Seon Williams (The Messenger).


Renee has also worked with our industrious designers, Carletta Childs (Set & Costume) & Jaklene Vukasinovic (Lights), to transform this underground car park into our characters’ bunker homes.


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